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Why Should You Get an Eternity Ring?

Eternity bands are considered to be the new jewelry staple. These are the best rings to commemorate any special occasion, and it is also a very sweet way to confess your love to your partner. These rings can be worn by men and women alike, and there are many striking styles and designs to choose from.

So, if you are looking for an eternity band for your engagement or wedding, this blog is for you.

What is an eternity band?

Commonly referred to as the eternity rings, these are metal bands which have gemstones on them. These stones are laid on the ring’s circumference, either wholly or partially, and they do not have any start or end. Hence, they are termed eternity bands. The rings with diamonds on them are the most sought-after variety, but one can get rings with other stones as well. They are very versatile with their styles and designs and can look very elegant when worn rightly.

Why choose eternity rings for the wedding?

As it is already discussed, these rings are considered to be the right choice for any big day as they are a symbol of long-term commitment.

Here are some of the occasions where you can don an eternity band:

  • They can be popularly worn as wedding rings. Some couples use these rings to symbolize their wedding.
  • These rings can also serve as a lucrative wedding gift. You can consider yourself lucky if you get an eternity ring as a wedding gift.
  • These rings serve as the best promise rings too. Wearing them displays a sense of commitment to your better half.

What are the different ring styles available?

The eternity rings popularly come in two styles:

Full eternity ring

These rings come with diamonds placed on the entire shank of the ring. These rings are a perfect choice for engagements or weddings. Wearing them can greatly impact your overall personality, offering you a different look and feel. These rings, however, cannot be resized, and hence you need to give the perfect finger size for them.

Half eternity ring

These rings have diamonds that appear only halfway through them. These contain 5-9 stones, depending on their size, and they are more reasonable as a purchase. They are also resizable.

To get the right eternity ring today, explore the exquisite collection of Faith Brand diamond eternity rings.

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