How to Choose an Engagement Ring Based on Her Personality?

Woman hands on man shoulder.

Engagement rings are more than just having a few diamonds on your finger. It is a symbol of your forever love and commitment. The true beauty of an engagement ring is in its symbolism. Hence, couples take really long time to pick the best one. 

If you too are looking for a ring for your partner, it is best to pick it based on her personality. Like this, you will have a perfect match for her, which she’ll enjoy wearing for the rest of her life. 


You can start by deciding the ring’s centrepiece. Go with colourless classic diamonds; for they are timeless and elegant and ooze out royalty. If she prefers a traditional look, choosing a brilliant white diamond won’t disappoint you. If you want to showcase intense emotions, pick red ruby stones for your partner. For a regal look, blue stones like sapphires are the best.


There are endless engagement ring styles to choose from. The solitaire ring is the most popular one, which has a single white diamond on it. It is usually a colourless diamond, perfect for brides who prefer understated styles. The halo diamonds are the ones that have a central stone with a series of smaller gems surrounding it. This style has a potential for serious bling and is for ladies who appreciate sparkles. The trilogy rings are the ones that have a slightly elevated central stone, flanked by two smaller stones. This stands for the present, past and future and is perfect for the women who like romantic symbolism.


For the engagement ring, you can pick the four-prong mount that enhances the natural radiance of the diamond. The light can enter and leave from every angle. This is perfect for the brides who want their jewelry to dazzle and stand out. But these settings are very delicate and needs extreme caution and care. You can also pick the rub-over setting that secures the stone in a metal casing. This casing is folded from all the angles and once completed, it creates a halo effect with a smooth profiling. 

So, these are some of the most important points that one needs to remember while picking rings as per their partner’s personalities. Explore Atelier Lou engagement rings that are available in different styles and patterns and are sure to impart you that regal look.